What is a NetScaler SD-WAN?

Better user experiences, improved WAN resilience, faster deployment and reduced cost. Software Defined Wide Area Networks (SD-WANs) combine the resilience of WAN Virtualisation with the performance of WAN Optimisation to help you keep up with user demands.

How it works.

WAN Optimisation

Optimise network traffic to help overcome the challenges of long distance or limited bandwidth networks. Protocol enhancement, content compression, traffic shaping and the removal of duplicate traffic all combine to improve the user experience and reduce the volume of data moving across the network. WAN optimisation can have dramatic effects where latency is the primary issue.

WAN Virtualisation

Logically bond multiple links such as MPLS, DSL, Satellite and 4G together to create a single secure hybrid WAN. The bandwidth available then becomes the aggregate of those links which offers a credible alternative to costly MPLS upgrades. If one of the links fails, traffic is seamlessly redirected via the remaining links which significantly improves the resilience of the service.

WAN Insight

An easy way to monitor all of the traffic that flows through the SD-WAN, enabling valuable end-to-end service visibility. Monitor specific applications, clients and branches on the network to improve service levels and effectively deal with issues that could potentially degrade service performance levels. Put simply, you can’t manage what you can’t measure.

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Is SD-WAN right for you?

  • Do you deliver mission critical services?
  • Do you deliver voice or video to branch users?
  • Do your branch users ever complain of poor service?
  • Is your bandwidth upgrade quote expensive?
  • Would greater service visibility help manage SLAs?