Citrix have just wrapped up their 2016 Summit kick off in Las Vegas and it’s clear that despite media speculation over the latter half of last year, the vendor has never been more devoted to their networking product family. Gartner readers take note, NetScaler is staying with Citrix. Big style.

The NDA stuff will have to stay in Vegas but for now, here’s my top 5 pick of the things I can tell you about.

Top 5 best bits from Citrix Summit 2016

  • NetScaler CPX – Launched in December as a tech preview, Citrix have left all other ADC vendors standing with a full function lightweight NetScaler in a container aimed squarely at the Dev Opps market. I‘ll post a full review in the coming days but if you think about the concept of the Dev teams getting their own little NetScaler to tune to perfection before seamlessly handing over to the Opps team in a neat, portable container, you’ll get the picture. With MPX, VPX and SDX already offering market leading flexibility, CPX once again proves that customers speak and Citrix listen.
  • SDWAN & CloudBridge Enterprise – cloudDNA were the only UK partner to attend the spearhead technical training for CloudBridge vWAN back in May of last year and we instantly spotted the potential. Rebranded SDWAN for 2016, it allows logical bonding of multiple links such as MPLS, DSL, 4G and satellite to provide huge bandwidth scale at a significant cost reduction. With multiple paths comes resilience, demonstrated in Tuesdays Summit tech key note with a live Skype session and a pair of bolt croppers (video below). We have a customer in the UK on the beta of the new CloudBrdige Enterprise which for the first time offers this functionality and traditional WAN optimisation in the same appliance. An industry first, come on, this is Vegas, anything can happen! The breakout session spilled the beans on CloudBridge 9.0 which I’ll also be posting about in the coming days…

  • I spy with my little eye, something beginning with ACI – With over 5000 Cisco Nexus 9000 customers (1100+ of which are using APIC), NetScaler’s industry leading integration and functionality has resulted in zero credible alternatives. We heard a compelling testimonial from Jeff Allen, Cisco’s Systems Engineering Manager for World Wide Data Center Solutions Architecture and some great case studies about organisations who are using the technology to radically reduce cost and increase business agility. If Raj Gulani ever leaves the IT industry he should consider a career as a life coach. His enthusiasm while delivering the Citrix perspective was only once rivalled during the whole conference by a vendor team member (who will remain nameless) who had just undergone an intravenous vitamin B12 and electrolyte treatment. I told you, this is Vegas…!
  • NetScaler Control Center – With 33% of Enterprises seriously looking at SDN to improve agility, network utilisation and worker productivity, Control Center allows NetScaler to integrate with the likes of the afore mentioned Cisco APIC, VMWare NSX, Nuage Networks and Open Stack to name a few. Add your NetScaler platforms to Control Center, define SLAs using service packages and assign SLAs to your tenants for three simple steps to SDN flexibility and automation.
  • Security, security, security. My oh my, there is a new feature on the horizon that I can’t tell you about due to NDAs but trust me, it’s a real innovation in the already huge NetScaler security capability. Add in Webroot Brightcloud integration to build advanced attack and threat management vendor choice and real time IP reputation functionality to dynamically publish inbound and outbound communication intelligence of high risk IP addresses. Worthy of it’s own post in due course.

On a personal note, cloudDNA were the first global Citrix partner to achieve the Networking for Data Center Specialist accreditation back in June last year and I was delighted to accept an invitation to deliver a partner perspective on becoming a specialist during one of the breakout Summit sessions on the first day. Thanks again to all of our friends at Citrix for giving us the opportunity, very much appreciated.


To wrap up, the theme throughout the conference was #CitrixLovesPartners and that was evident by the effort that went in to delivering a packed schedule of relevant, impeccably delivered content. I’ve got one back at you, #PartnersLoveCitrix and regardless of what happened in the casinos, every partner that attended left Vegas feeling like a winner.

© NetScaler Taylor

15th January 2016