NetScaler has a wide range of security capabilities covering everything from identity and access control to, well, have a look at the image below and you’ll get the picture. It’s all in there and with good reason. Security breaches can have disastrous consequences and the risks are constantly evolving. The thing is, it’s hard to know if you’ve done all you can to protect your services let alone keep up with current attacks, which is where NetScaler Security Insight comes in.

Visual representation of Citrix ADC security features

Security Insight is a new security management, reporting and analytics tool that provides a simple view of the security posture of the service which is broadly split in to two categories.

  • Threat Index – A clear 1 to 10 scale indication of the current threat exposure, with drill down detailing allowing security teams to understand the factors contributing to the rating. Having thorough understanding of the facts clearly has some advantages. Quick resolution of security issues with associated operational savings and increased ROI combined with a better user experience and increased security awareness. The level of detail is the crucial thing here.
  • Safety Index – A real time 1 to 10 scale indication of the level of protection configured on the NetScaler. Once again, double click drill down provides current configuration status against the threats contributing to the Threat Index and recommended steps to remediation. Think of it like NetScaler assessing how secure the config is and giving you guidance on how to make it better. Potential automation starts here with a self healing system that recognises where leaks could happen and applies configuration back to the NetScaler to plug the gaps. That’s really clever. And not far away.

There have been some PR catastrophes and I dare say a few divorces caused by data breaches in recent months, if your job title has security in it, Security Insight may save more than your boss’s reputation. It might save yours.

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