cloudDNA to present ‘The Great SD-WAN Bake-off’ at Citrix Synergy 2017

We’re delighted to announce that cloudDNA Co-founder Al Taylor has been invited by Citrix to host a fireside chat at Synergy, the vendor’s annual customer gathering.

Taking place at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando May 23rd to 25th 2017, Citrix Synergy promises to showcase the very latest product developments from our favourite vendor. It’s no wonder that with so much industry buzz, NetScaler SD-WAN has been designated hot topic status for the event.

Join Al for a fact packed session on Tuesday afternoon at 4:45pm when he’ll be sharing some of our experiences from real world NetScaler SD-WAN customer testing and production roll outs. The session will close with an open mic Q&A and we might just have a few money can’t buy NetScaler SD-WAN prizes* for the best questions so come along and say hello if you are at the event.

Here’s the official session description…

The Great SD-WAN Bake Off – Lessons from the field.

Seriously considering SD-WAN? Looking for the cold hard facts without any marketing spin? Then ‘The Great SD-WAN Bake Off’ is for you.

SD-WAN is one of the hottest topics in the industry but how do you get to the facts from the marketing fiction and more importantly, evaluate which SD-WAN vendor could help you deliver the best user experience in your environment?

This technical deep dive takes a look the core differentiators of the 6 leading SD-WAN vendor offerings. From packet trips to performance monitoring, routing to rollout, this session is packed with real world SD-WAN test data that the cloudDNA team have gathered from real world customer bake offs. If you are looking at SD-WAN, this session is gold dust!

Come along to hear

  • The common pitfalls that make SD-WAN PoCs fail.
  • What metrics to include in your bake off tests and how to test for them.
  • The core NetScaler SD-WAN differentiators that matter in the real world.

The Great SD-WAN Bakeoff – Lessons from the field

Session Number – SYN406 Tuesday May 23, 4:45 p.m. – 5:45 p.m.

Room – Citrix Synergy, West Concourse, Level II, West Hall C, Synergy Park, Fireside 2

Citrix Synergy NetScaler SD-WAN SYN406

*In all honesty, we could potentially sell some of our exclusive merch if the price was right but for the purpose of the exercise it’s a money can’t buy prize.