Citrix Synergy Unplugged London 2018 

With the large number of announcements that have come out of Citrix Synergy in Anaheim this year, it can be difficult to keep track of what is new with the Citrix portfolio and how it all comes together as a unified solution. Especially if you weren’t in California for the event itself!  

Webinars and online recordings are often brilliant for filling in knowledge gaps and getting up to speed but you can’t beat an in-person event to get the answers to your own questions.

Relive Citrix Synergy in London

That’s where Synergy Unplugged comes in. An opportunity to relive Citrix Synergy in London this year on July 18th, where the vision, insights and announcements from Synergy 2018 come to the UK. We’d like to think that the sunshine from California is going to hang around too. 🙂 

Attend the standard unplugged session track to learn more about the power of a Citrix end to end solution with live demonstrations and keynote discussion about recent and roadmap feature releases. A great opportunity to see if Citrix’s vision could potentially align with your digital strategy moving forwards.

Synergy Unplugged Networking Edition

Synergy Unplugged ‘Networking Edition’ offers a second track focusing on Hybrid cloud app delivery, SD-WAN and network visibility, a critical part of the Citrix ‘Secure digital Perimeter’. Join this track to discover how Citrix Networking solutions offer reliability, performance and security for any application, delivered from any cloud.

Attending the event is also an excellent chance to network with industry colleagues, eco system vendors and Citrix employees. Plus you’ll have the opportunity to get hands on experience with Citrix Workspace and Citrix Cloud while you’re there.

With attendee numbers building year on year, Synergy Unplugged has become a must attend event for hundreds of IT professionals across the UK, we’ll see you there!

Venue detail, full agenda and registration on the link.

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