We are acutely aware and respectful of the UK Government’s wishes that all UK citizens and businesses must help to protect the most vulnerable in our society and to ensure that the National Health Service has the capability to care for the anticipated number of patients that will be affected by the Covid19 virus in the coming days and weeks.

Those who follow our social channels will know that Citrix solutions designed and built by cloudDNA are currently providing critical services to the NHS at both central and regional levels, to central and local UK government, to all areas of the public sector and to the various supply chain providers in both the physical and digital sense. Fighting Covid19 is a massive effort, made by millions of people and we’re all in it together.

Free Citrix help for Covid19 key workers.

With many organisations having to significantly scale their remote access solutions, often with very tight deadlines, we’ve had a surge in calls from stressed IT team members, asking for ‘a bit of help’ with their Citrix environment. Validating the scalability, resilience or security prior to increasing the number of remote workers accessing the systems or helping figure out why performance has started to suffer under the load now that remote working is rapidly becoming the new BAU.

We want to do what we can to help

We believe it’s time for us to all work together and the cloudDNA team want to do what we can to help organisations that are providing care for those in our communities who need it the most. From today (25th March 2020), cloudDNA would like to extend the offer of help to all Covid19 front line and key worker organisations (as defined on gov.uk), to provide a no cost, no obligation Citrix Technical Readiness Review, to help validate systems before the user count increases or to help you understand how to improve service levels and user productivity now that home working has been scaled. We can all do something to help in someway, please get in touch if we can help you.

If you have a Citrix service that you need a health check, capacity check, sanity check, validation, once over, a quick look at, or however else you want to phrase it, please get in touch with us, we want to help.

UK 0330 010 3443 – hello@clouddnagroup.com – live chat

Products covered

Citrix ADC (formally Citrix NetScaler or NetScaler Gateway)

Citrix SD-WAN (formally CloudBridge)

Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops (formally XenApp/Desktop)

Sensible T&Cs apply, ask for details.