Part 2 of Al Taylor’s “Get more from Azure” video series sees him discussing how Citrix ADC (formerly Citrix NetScaler) doesn’t just provide efficiency – it provides fast, comprehensive security.

Our video series examining the benefits of using Citrix Cloud Networking within Azure got off to a great start, with our co-founder, Al Taylor, looking at how a consolidated footprint is much more lightweight on your infrastructure, as well as the cost associated with hosting it and the effort in looking after it. This time, he will be delving even further into the Citrix ADC platform by explaining how it doesn’t just provide efficiency for your Azure services; it is also all about security.

Here is a taste of what you can expect to discover within the video:

Regardless of what you are offering from your Azure server, security is paramount.

Unfortunately, it is likely that if you are offering any services or applications from your Azure platform, someone somewhere will attempt to hack it at some point. Historically, individual point products would be introduced to take away the risk these kind of attacks present, but now, if all functionality is squeezed into an app delivery controller, then there is an added benefit that the ADC is already Level 7 aware – it is already cracking open traffic and can see what it looks like. Therefore, we can start to protect against not only things we know already, things that are out in the public domain, but we can teach the ADC and the web app firewall functionality inside of it what good behaviour looks like. So, if anyone tries to deviate away from that path, we can take some measures to keep the bad guys out. 

And it’s fast – really fast!

In addition to core service availability and reliability features, Citrix ADC offers a comprehensive stack of security tools ranging from authentication to protection against zero day exploits with an integrated ICSA certified Web Application Firewall. This consolidation of functionality means that it’s no longer necessary to deploy multiple point products to achieve service SLAs and with fewer active devices in the delivery chain, session latency and dramatically reduce, providing a better UX and increasing user density for the investment. If latency matters in your world and you are trying to be more secure, this is for you. 

To discover how Citrix can help with authentication scenarios and get an insight into some exciting new features in the pipeline, get in-touch.

If you missed our first video you can see it here:


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