Citrix are hosting a series of 5 Networking focused webinars throughout September, hosted by Justin Thorogood, Citrix Networking PAM and Andrew Scott, Senior Manager, Citrix SE.

Register for one or more sessions to attend live or on-demand and hear much more about.

  • Leveraging hybrid multi cloud in the ‘new normal’
  • What VPX Subscription means for customers
  • Driving sustainability with Citrix networking
  • Removing internet traffic that provides no business benefit
  • Best practice for global ADM deployments

Missed one of the webinars?  Fear not, get in touch and we can send you the recording to watch on demand.

Hybrid Multi Cloud – unraveling the biggest challenge when moving services to the cloud?

Tuesday 15th Sept – 10am

If the Global pandemic has taught us anything it’s that there is nothing as constant as change. Businesses need to be able to react quickly to anything that is thrown at them. Join our webinar to find out how public cloud can be leveraged effectively as we evolve into the ‘new normal’.

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VPX Subscriptions – what it means for customers?

Thursday 17th Sept – 10am

Citrix is changing the way in which they sell and licence appliances, Citrix ADC VPX can now be run with a stand alone term licence, this means that you don’t need a licence server for a deployment and it also allows you to transition from on-premise to cloud and back again with the same licence. Come along to our webinar and find out how it could make your deployment flexible!

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Sustainability from a networking perspective, how can Citrix help? 

Monday 21st Sept – 10am

Many organisations are optimising IT practices and curbing employee commuting to drastically reduce their carbon footprint and greenhouse gas emissions. Join our webinar to find out how Citrix Networking can help make your business greener and make better choices for the environment.

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Bot Protection – How can you remove traffic that provides no business benefit?

Thursday 24th Sept – 10am

Bot Management is a security software feature that identifies whether a traffic request comes from a human or from a machine then controls or blocks non-human and other suspicious requests. Ideally you want your web site to generate as much revenue as possible, so if you can find a way to control the robots that crawl the web, you can serve more real customers with your site. Join our webinar to find out how – with a little help from Citrix – this can be simple

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Sharing our secrets: Best practice for global ADC installations

Monday 28th Sept – 10am

Application Delivery Management (ADM) is a central management solution that allows you to manage and monitor an entire global application infrastructure from a single unified console. It can be a real help when looking to get more information about the networking environment. Join our webinar to find out how ADM can be deployed to get better visibility of your networking environment.

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