Moving apps or workloads to Microsoft Azure

Chances are you’re reading this blog post because you’re either planning to move applications and workloads to Azure or, you’ve already moved services to your new public cloud environment but your user experience isn’t up to scratch.

Retiring legacy data centre infrastructure or publishing new services without needing to purchase the tin to run them on, moving to the cloud makes sense for a wide range of organisations and use cases but while moving to Azure is one thing, delivering services from there is a whole different matter. In other words, as your business transformation continues to accelerate, can your network keep up?

cloudDNA Old Wan Concept

The 45 year old service model with all services coming from the data centre

Traditional WAN architectures are complex and expensive

Traditional WAN architectures are designed around the principle that services all originate from, one place – a data centre – and while this used to be the case when Wide Area Networks first started to appear in the mid to late 70s, this 45 year old concept of everything in the middle just doesn’t make sense any more. It heaps load and cost into expensive data centre infrastructure, it increases operational complexity and effort (with the associated costs) but more importantly it reduces user experience and productivity.

Positioning services in Azure takes away some of the infrastructure cost (the compute and storage) which is great but early adopters struggled to balance user experience with the business and technical reasons to move to Azure. Everything was great except the user experience and when user experience isn’t up to scratch, the often high profile strategic decision to move to the public cloud is seen as a failure – the UX just isn’t good enough. If you want to get the most out of Azure, you need to re-think how you connect your users to it.

Simpler and more agile than ExpressRoutes or leased lines

Microsoft and Citrix have jointly developed a secure, simple way to reliably connect users to Azure based services with their joint solution, powered by Citrix SD-WAN. Simple to set up and significantly more agile to deploy than ExpressRoutes or dedicated leased lines, Citrix SD-WAN reduces the cost and complexity of connecting branch locations directly to Azure that also allows you to;

  • Use intent based configuration and super simple Zero Touch Deployment to significantly reduced the time taken to deploy branch locations to less than 30 mins per site – the process is automated to reduce the effort.
  • Use templates to clone similar sites to deploy at scale across multiple branches.
  • Prioritise latency sensitive applications like voice and video conferencing over less time critical traffic to ensure user experience and therefore productivity is at the heart of your network delivery strategy.


Take a look at our e-book bundle to learn more about how Citrix SD-WAN can help you scale, secure and simplify connectivity to Azure based services. Click the link below to download.

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