Poor Network Connectivity

If you’ve worked from home over the past 8 months, you’ll be familiar with the knock on effect of poor network connectivity. Dropped calls, issues with joining online meetings, poor quality video or screen lag in Citrix, Microsoft or VMWare virtual desktops. The heart of the problem has been trying to deliver enterprise grade services over the internet and until now, there hasn’t been an awful lot that you could do about it.

Plug and play solution

cloudDNA SD-WAN Home Worker solves this problem with a plug and play solution that offers a cost effective way to deliver secure, corporate grade services to home workers. It provides better user experience for everything the user needs to do in their day, helping improve productivity and staff collaboration. With increased security, better visibility for compliance management and out of the box optimisation for Office 365 and Teams, it’s the branch office in a box you’ve been looking for.

Subscription based fully managed service for just £149/month

We’re now able to offer the solution as a subscription based fully managed service for just £149 per user per month – that’s less than a pound an hour for an average 37.5 hour working week. With low commit and monthly billing, it’s super quick to onboard and you can cancel with only one month’s notice, making it perfect for these uncertain times.

Providing secure, reliable connectivity for home workers doesn’t need to be challenging. If you’re supporting home working and want to find out how we can help, watch the below video and please get in touch for a 20 minute discovery call or for more information visit SD-WAN Home Worker.

SD-WAN for Home Workers

Better security, better user experience,

from £149 per month.

Subscription based fully managed SD-WAN HomeWorker solution with low upfront commitment from just £449 and monthly billing from as little as £149 per month for a typical home worker device.