As the Covid19 response moves into the mass vaccination phase, cloudDNA has been working with a number of NHS organisations who have been investigating secure, stable connectivity solutions to address the need for vaccination centres in community buildings, away from higher risk locations such as GP surgeries and hospital campuses.

Rapidly extend service delivery network capability to pop up Covid19 vaccination centres

Shortly before the public announcement of the vaccination approval, a Scottish NHS Board chose Citrix SD-WAN as a means to rapidly extend service delivery network capability to three pop up vaccination centres in the region.

“With community centres, sports facilities and places of worship cited as potential vaccination centre locations, providing secure, reliable connectivity that could also be deployed in a very short time frame means that traditional transport options such as dedicated MPLS or similar circuits would not fit the requirement” said Al Taylor, CTO cloudDNA. “Being able to deploy the solution on top of existing broadband services that are already in these locations is a major advantage.”

Improve service stability with dual 4G/LTE SIM capability

Another key selection criteria has been the integrated dual 4G/LTE sim capability which enables to solution to improve service stability compared to running VPN over a consumer internet circuit. When the network condition fluctuates due to congestion or other consumer grade connectivity factors, the solution can seamlessly move traffic to and from the mobile network to keep information flowing to the frontline healthcare professionals without any downtime.

Deployment flexibilty

“With dual SIM support, the IT team can deploy the solution with a SIM card or eSIM from two different mobile providers, allowing traffic to move between carrier networks should any one mobile service provider have connectivity issues at any given time. This further enhances the stability of the solution and improves service uptime, ensuring that patient data is consistently available in the vaccination centre and enabling patient records to be updated in real-time back at the data centre. 4G connectivity can be pre-installed prior to shipping the device, allowing the solution to be deployed on site in minutes either to a vehicle in a car park or a physical building as required, with or without physical connectivity to a local broadband router to further improve deployment flexibility” Al continued.


Increased service visibility

As a symmetric ‘book end solution’, Citrix SD-WAN physical or virtual appliances can be deployed in traditional data centres with virtual appliances for public cloud locations to allow end to end optimised traffic delivery regardless of service origin. Cloud based orchestration and service visibility complete the package, reducing the effort to customise service delivery for the various potential use cases including prioritisation of clinical applications or VoIP over other services with detailed analytic capabilities for improved compliancy management as standard.

Al concluded, “While no one could have predicted how Covid19 would impact all of our lives in 2020 and beyond, I’m both humbled and proud to know that the cloudDNA team have been able to do our bit to assist those on the front line to whom we all owe a sense of gratitude.” 


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