**Now a virtual event**
Join us live on Thursday 27th January at 10am (UK)

Delivering consistent, secure access to all the services a user needs to be productive is becoming increasingly challenging in a hybrid service delivery world. As the constant evolution of as-a-Service offerings pushes more data away from the safety of the corporate network, many have come to realise that VPNs have reached a point of becoming obsolete. It’s time for a radical re-think of how we securely connect users, before it’s too late.

Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) architecture is rapidly gaining adoption as a credible way to re-gain control and provide safe, productive access to everything the user needs to do in their working day. It’s a game changer and it’s the topic for our next virtual roundtable on Thursday 27th January.

This live in person event, hosted by cloudDNA features speakers from Citrix and Igel who will be discussing the key components that make up a SASE architecture, how it differs from traditional delivery methods and it can significantly reduce administrator effort.

We’ll also be joined by independent Security Architect Steve Atkinson who will share some insight in to why SASE really matters and what the risks are of doing nothing.

In this open forum roundtable session, we’ll be discussing:

  • What is a SASE architecture and what problems does it solve?

  • The 10 Gartner recommendations for end to end SASE.

  • How to deliver sustainable, simplified SASE with Citrix and Igel.

  • Field notes from cloudDNA UK customer projects.

  • An open forum Q&A session to get answers to your questions from the Citrix, Igel and cloudDNA expert panel.

Followed by a walk through of the end user and administrator experience covering Citrix Secure Internet Access, Secure Private Access, SD-WAN and Analytics plus the mighty Igel Edge OS.


"SASE combines networking and comprehensive, cloud delivered security with unified management"