We are delighted to have delivered Citrix Secure Internet Access (SIA) to a leading UK Insurance company, to replace Zscaler Internet Access (ZIA) with a solution that better suits the organisations long term service objectives.

When the Zscaler subscription was originally adopted, it provided a credible way to control internet access and risk for users on the corporate network. It has performed well but discussions with a long term cloudDNA managed service customer during a regular service enhancement review discovered some operational challenges have emerged over the 3 year term.

“Zscaler has done many things well but it doesn’t offer the same rich UX for thin client or Chromebook users and limitations of its multi-tenant architecture had become noticeable over the 2 and a half years it’s been in production.” explains Al Taylor, cloudDNA CTO “Like the time taken to retrieve data for fault triage or the lack of fixed IPs adding complexity to support trust relationships with 3rd party service providers.”

cloudDNA’s first introduction to Citrix SIA product concepts came via our Citrix Partner Technical Expert Council membership in 2020 and we’ve been watching the product mature as its integrated with the wider Citrix infrastructure since. Recognising that Citrix Secure Internet Access filled the gaps that Zscaler Internet Access left needing workarounds, we introduced the customer to the cloud based Citrix service in the Spring of 2021.

Following a period of successful testing in collaboration with the customer and Citrix domain specialists from across EMEA, Citrix SIA was approved and plans formulated for the migration of users from Zscaler ZIA to the new platform.

“In addition to being the first global Zscaler displacement, this is also the largest Citrix SIA adoption in EMEA to date. As a result, the cloudDNA team has gained a huge amount of real world experience in Citrix SIA project delivery, directly from the very best resources Citrix has in EMEA.” Al continued, “Having seen it deployed in anger first hand, I think SIA is arguably going to become one of the hottest conversation topics over the remainder of 2021 and beyond. It’s only going to get more relevant as more organisations realise the threats of internet exposure from things like ransomware and sensitive data loss.”

Being able to confidently add Citrix Secure Internet Access to our professional services offering ahead of many of our industry peers is a further demonstration of our commitment to maintain our position as a leading Citrix App Delivery & Security Specialist and Platinum Partner.

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