Next generation access control, threat management and data loss protection

Join us live on Monday 23rd May 2022 at 11am (UK)

Delivering consistent, secure access to all the services a user needs to be productive is becoming increasingly challenging in our hybrid service delivery world. As the constant evolution of as-a-Service offerings pushes more data away from the safety of the corporate network, many have come to realise that VPNs have reached a point of becoming both obsolete and a potential point of weakness.  

From ransomware to phishing attacks and data loss prevention, the challenges of keeping users and data safe are ever increasing. Many organisations have already realised that the problem is far greater than traditional appliance based point product solutions can handle. It’s time to radically re-think how we securely connect users to services and data, before it’s too late. 

This live webinar hosted by cloudDNA with guest speakers from Citrix, will take a top down look at the recently enhanced Citrix Secure Access solution, a comprehensive, cloud delivered security stack that significantly simplifies the delivery of a zero trust network security model. 

In this session, we’ll be discussing;

  • ZTNA, the principle concepts we’re trying to achieve.
  • How the internet became your new LAN.
  • The hybrid worker, hybrid services and the risks they present.
  • The threats cloudDNA customers (anonymised) have seen in the wild.
  • Citrix Secure Internet Access and how it’s protecting cloudDNA customer’s production environments today.
  • The brand new Citrix Secure Private Access feature set and how it fundamentally challenges the value of traditional VPNs.