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Jo Wright

Co-founder of cloudDNA.

September 26, 2012

Up, in and out….Scale Out

SDX appliances now support clustering with 10.1 release. In the other ‘Up, In & Out’posts I’ve covered Scale Up and Scale In as part of NetScaler TriScale. Here’s an overview Scale Outwhich is available with a Cluster Licence on the MPX & VPX appliances. Scaling upMPX appliances has its limitations due to the actual hardware. Once an MPX7500 (1GB) has been upgraded…
September 24, 2012

NetScaler TriScale – Up, in and out…. Scale Up

In this post I’m looking at the messaging around NetScaler TriScale and more importantly if the marketing team at Citrix have just come up with a catchy tag line or if there’s any serious use cases… As the name suggests, TriScale offers three methods of scaleability for organisations that have…