Improve branch user experience and reduce cost

How Citrix NetScaler SD-WAN Works

Citrix SD-WAN logically bonds multiple links such as MPLS, DSL, Satellite and 4G together to create a single secure hybrid WAN. The bandwidth available at the branch then becomes the aggregate of those links which offers a credible mechanism to support larger traffic volumes and an alternative to costly MPLS upgrades. Bonding of circuits also improves the resilience of the branch services with advanced fault tolerance capabilities to improve branch uptime and user experience.

Citrix NetScaler SD-WAN Benefits

Citrix SD-WAN offers a complete solution with optional traditional WAN optimisation capabilities that mitigate the effects of high network latency, something that cannot be addressed with increased bandwidth alone. While all WAN services benefit can benefit from Citrix SD-WAN, there are unique capabilities for the enhanced delivery of Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops. The solution offers a range of form factors for deployment flexibility include AWS and Azure Marketplace availability.

Centralised control and detailed user experience analytics capabilities optionally combine with wider Citrix ADC, firewall and gateway integration to provide a complete cloud delivery solution.

Typical branch challenges solved by Citrix SD-WAN

Citrix SD-WAN, the clear choice in a crowded market

Your branch services but better

More bandwidth without costly MPLS upgrades, more resilience without complex routing policies or manual intervention, more visibility to help you manage your branch user experience. cloudDNA Co-founder Al Taylor discusses how Citrix SD-WAN can help improve user experience for a wide range of services including VDI, video, VoIP and SaaS including Office 365.

Citrix SD-WAN now available from £169 per month