Citrix SD-WAN

More bandwidth without costly MPLS upgrades. More resilience without complex routing policies or manual intervention. More agility to support Hybrid Multi-Cloud networks. More visibility to help you manage your branch services.



Services all used to come from a central location with users distributed around the outside but service delivery doesn’t look like this any more.

cloudDNA Old Wan Concept cloudDNA SD-WAN User Centric Service


The user is now in the centre, with services coming from a wide range of locations so the old WAN is no longer fit for purpose.


We advise organisations from all sectors around the potential benefits of Citrix SD-WAN and regardless of their size, the conversation usually starts with one of these common challenges…


Network congestion, poor quality or inefficient networks, clunky failover mechanisms. Session freeze is a frustrating day to day distraction for millions of people all over the world but the real cost is lost productivity.

We’re increasingly reliant on available services to help us communicate, collaborate and ultimately be productive. The general principles around how we connect users to services needs an SD-WAN overhaul.


Poor voice quality isn’t acceptable to the caller or the board but traditional networks can only offer expensive solutions with rigid capacity and lengthy on-boarding lead times.

Citrix  SD-WAN has some unusual tricks which can really get to grips with your call quality and the clarity of your message. It’s fast to deploy and a fraction of the cost of standing up more leased line capacity.

Looking for a cost effective way to boost MOS call quality without breaking the budget? Lets talk SD-WAN.


Delivering always on services is a balance of nines and budget. Poor quality WANs cost productivity and reputation but the good news is that if you’re looking for more capacity and reliability without blowing your budget, you now have a choice.

Logically bond multiple links to create a resilient SD-WAN overlay network that’s more stable than the sum of its parts, keeping services online and smashing user experience expectations.

Your services could be awesome but can your network keep up?


You have a problem with the volume of data you can move into and out of your branch locations and hybrid cloud platforms at any given moment and the reason is budget. Your leased lines are so expensive, you simply can’t afford to have the network capacity that you need to be able to deliver the kinds of services that you want.

MPLS used to be the only option for reliable branch services. Not anymore.  SD-WAN offers scale, resilience and cost reduction for a genuinely credible alternative to the old school MPLS tax. Your 1990s network design needs a cloudDNA SD-WAN makeover.


Routing back to the data centre to breakout to the internet can be perfectly acceptable for old school web browsing but service models are rapidly changing.

As more of our latency sensitive services like voice, video, file sharing and collaboration originate from 3rd party clouds, in both SaaS and P/IaaS contexts, we need to reconsider how we connect people to data. A simple, user experience boosting re-think of the way we connect users to services. This is the catalyst to every SD-WAN conversation we ever have.


Video takes up a lot of space on the network so it often gets restricted to avoid disruption to other services. Restricted video means poor user experience. Traditional networks were built for occasional web based video streaming to a small percentage of the user base but times are changing.

We’re all being encouraged to collaborate in real time, sharing screens and cameras  our colleagues and customers. Wherever all that traffic needs to come from and wherever it needs to go to, there’s going to be a lot of it. User Experience is the measurement of success, Citrix SD-WAN can help you measure it and manage it.

“SD-WAN opens up a world of possibility. We’re just scratching the surface of what we can do. With Citrix, we are agile and responsive. Previously, that’s not been a common thing for NHS IT.”

UK NHS trust, happy cloudDNA customer.

Watch the Citrix produced case study featuring cloudDNA CTO Al Taylor.



This is a high level SD-WAN concept diagram
Build a secure, resilient SD-WAN network overlay on traditional transports such as MPLS, DSL, 4G etc. Bandwidth becomes the aggregate of the links for super quick, affordable scale plus the overlay remains persistent as long as one of the transports remains active so you get higher service uptime.
Range of branch appliances suitable for a wide range of use cases. SOHO devices available as a fully managed service from £149 per month. Enterprise grade security features built in, traffic isolation for public network (eg WiFi) and compliancy such as PCI DSS, optional built in 4G to boost uptime.
Physical and virtual appliance availability for SD-WAN agility and scale in Hybrid Multi-Cloud architectures. Market place appliances from all major public cloud vendors and integration with wider HMC delivery control including Citrix Application Delivery Manager and Citrix Application Delivery Controller.
Secure SD-WAN branch breakout to trusted SaaS providers including out of the box user experience optimisation for Office365 & Teams.
Extend SD-WAN in to Azure Hub for a cost effective, secure, agile, credible alternative to ExpressRoutes. Support for OnRamp to AWS, GPC and the recently announce Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.
Secure service chaining with web gateway providers for secure internet breakout from a growing list of supported vendors providing a range of developing eco services to further optimise UX.

Secure, cost effective,

UX centric service delivery,

from £149 per month.

Subscription based fully managed Citrix SD-WAN service with low upfront commitment from just £649 and monthly billing from as little as £149 per month for a typical branch device – that’s less than a fiver a day.