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Citrix Secure Access

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Citrix Secure Access

As organisations continue to develop hybrid working models, IT teams are becoming increasingly challenged to provide a simple, secure and productive work experience for their end users. It’s become apparent that traditional, appliance-based security solutions such as Web Gateways, Web App Firewalls (WAFs) and Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) are becoming obsolete. Citrix Secure Access offers a new way to think about security to help overcome the risk challenges of hybrid service delivery and enhance user productivity.

Unlike appliance-based or multi-vendor security strategies that are distributed across several IT environments, Citrix Secure Access is a unified secure access solution that provides cloud-delivered security based on zero trust via a single, fully managed security stack. Not only does this help to protect end users, apps, devices, and an organisation’s underlying infrastructure, but it also allows IT administrators to manage security for all enterprise-level applications, desktops, and data from a single and a unified management plane.

It’s efficient, it’s intelligent and it finally gets the balance right between security and user productivity.

The top 5 challenges to secure hybrid service delivery


Apps Have Moved to the Cloud

Backhauling traffic via the data centre adds latency, often resulting in poor UX

Security Needs to Scale

Adding appliances is expensive & complex, over-provisioning is inefficient

Workers Are Mobile

Workers need to be secure everywhere, VPNs worsen user experience and introduce significant risk

Threats are Rapidly Evolving

Need for security updates leave enterprises vulnerable to zero-day threats

Encrypted Traffic Is Increasing

Appliance-based security stacks are limited in compute scale to decrypting and inspecting encrypted traffic

Citrix Secure Access is a cloud delivered security stack that can be specified to match the risks associated with your unique service delivery model

Citrix Secure Access service modules

Citrix Secure Private Access

Traditional VPN replacement and foundation keystone of a Zero Trust architecture. SPA aggregates all services including VDI, IT published web apps and all SaaS with dynamic, adaptive authentication and access control.

Citrix Secure Internet Access

Protect users from the often hidden risk of internet exposure when working from anywhere. SIA inspects all traffic to and from the internet to identify and block threats like malware, ransomware and phishing attacks.

Citrix Web App & API Protection Service

Cloud based WAF and API gateway with massive DDoS capability. Protect published services across all cloud locations with automated signature updates and M2M protection for APIs and Robotic Process Automation.

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Our Citrix Application Networking and Security practice has helped organisations of all sizes improve productivity for thousands of users worldwide, from the finance and insurance sector to front line medical teams responding to Covid19. With a UK first for the achievement of the 2021 Citrix Networking Specialist accreditation, we continue to heavily invest in our skill set to help you get more out over your investment, all delivered under our ISO27001 accredited processes.

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