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Citrix Secure Internet Access

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Citrix Secure Internet Access

Citrix Secure Internet Access (SIA) is a cloud based, comprehensive security solution that provides protection for all users accessing internet delivered services regardless of their location or device. It overcomes the issue that traditional VPNs try, and typically fail, to balance security and user experience. This in turn leads to reduced user productivity, a weakened security posture or in many cases, both.

The delivery model has changed significantly in recent years, with more SaaS and cloud-based services than ever. It’s time to re-think how we securely connect users to the services they need to be productive in a hybrid office world. Citrix Secure Internet Access offers way more than its component parts. It offers a simple to deploy, scalable, agile way to deliver a security architecture that is fit for purpose.

Citrix SIA


  • A comprehensive cloud based security service consisting of 100+ global PoPs enabling consistent protection for all users, regardless of location.
  • Inspection and protection for all encrypted and compressed traffic for compliance, malware
    and data loss prevention without performance limitations typically associated with appliance-based approaches.
  • Intelligence from 10+ Threat Engines with highly effective malware, ransomware and signature-less threat protection.
  • Privacy and compliance through data segregation based on enterprise and location.
  • Lower latency and improved employee experience with no need to backhaul traffic to centralized hubs/data centers.
  • Auto-scale and built-in resiliency via a cloud-delivered architecture that allows on-demand scale as traffic volume increases.
  • Increased performance and lower latency with a single-pass architecture, unlike service-chained architectures.

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Why cloudDNA for Citrix SIA?

Our Citrix Application Networking and Security practice has helped organisations of all sizes improve productivity for thousands of users worldwide, from the finance and insurance sector to front line medical teams responding to Covid19. With a UK first for the achievement of the 2021 Citrix Networking Specialist accreditation, we continue to heavily invest in our skill set to help you get more out over your investment, all delivered under our ISO27001 accredited processes.

Take a virtual test drive in our lab to get hands on and spend an hour with members of the cloudDNA team. We’d love to show you around and if you have any technical or commercial questions, we’ve got the answers.

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What does Citrix SIA do?


­­­Secure Web Gateway (SWG)

Allowing or blocking website access based on company defined rules.
Anti-Malware inspection of both encrypted and unencrypted web content to identify and block all threats.
Application Control, enhancing visibility into applications being accessed, allowing granular control to ensure security and compliance.

Firewall as a Service (FWaaS)

Ensuring only trusted, secure traffic is able to flow between the enterprise network and the internet.

Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB)

Helping monitor, secure and manage access to SaaS applications.

Data Loss Prevention (DLP)

Makes sure sensitive data such as credit card details, social security numbers are not lost or accessed by unauthorised users.

Browser sandboxing

Provides an isolated environment in which suspected malicious code can be safely executed in a disposable online browser.
Proven to protect against Zero Day attacks.

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Why you need Citrix Secure Internet Access

Apps are in the cloud

Managing traffic back to the data centre for security adds latency and inefficiency.

Workers are mobile

Workers need to be secure, wherever they’re working. VPNs lack granular security and scale.

Threats are evolving

Threat intelligence from 10 global provides helps you keep up to date without lifting a finger.

Citrix SIA helps you deliver contextual & secure access to all applications

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…of organisations say supporting larger numbers of remote workers has increased the volume of cybersecurity vulnerabilities.

Read our IT Leaders’ Guide to Citrix SIA to see how to embrace the hybrid workforce.

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Why cloud based security?

It's scalable

Citrix Secure Internet Access is a completely scalable solution – you only pay for what you need on a per user basis. Flexible subscription models make it easy to add more users mid term.

It reduces TCO

As Citrix Secure Internet Access is a cloud-based solution, there is no need to continue to invest significant time and money into developing and maintaining your own data centres.

It's auto updated

You don’t have to worry about keeping your security up-to-date, Citrix will do it for you at a global level, protecting your business against both existing and emerging threats.

It's fast

With single-pass data processing, Citrix Secure Internet Access avoids complexity, latency and fragmented policiy provisioning that is traditionally found within service-chained architectures.

It boosts UX

Citrix Secure Internet Access moves network security into the cloud, where users are typically accessing SaaS solutions, offering quicker processing times, and supporting enhanced productivity as a result.

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