Get more from Azure with Citrix Cloud Networking + cloudDNA

Watch our 5 part mini-series where we take you through how to get more from Azure

Part 1 – Introducing Citrix ADC


In this Part 1 video, cloudDNA Co-Founder, Al Taylor, details how introducing an App Delivery Controller like Citrix ADC to your Azure platform can save you time and reduce hosting and operational costs, whilst dramatically improving user experience.

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Part 2 – Citrix ADC Security


Part 2 focuses on improving cloud security with Citrix Cloud Networking. From authentication to zero-day exploit protection, we take a look at how Citrix ADC can reduce the cost of delivering high-performance, secure services from Microsoft Azure.

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Part 3 – Centralised Management & Visibility – ADM


If you can measure it, you can manage it. The third part in our mini-series discusses how deep level user experience visibility and centralised management across Azure and hybrid multi-cloud deployments can help you to work more intelligently and efficiently.

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Part 4 – Citrix SD-WAN as an Alternative


Part 4 considers SD-WAN as an alternative to Azure Express Routes or old-school VPNs. Secure, scalable and agile to deploy, Citrix SD-WAN helps to solve everyday challenges like poor user experience or slow backups to or from Azure.

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Part 5 – Smarter Hybrid Multi-Cloud Networking


Part 5, the final instalment in our exclusive cloudDNA mini-series, looks at how Citrix ADC, SD-WAN and ADM can extend beyond Azure to become the smart way to connect users to services in an increasingly hybrid multi-cloud world.

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