Citrix Summit update webinar NetScaler ADC & NetScaler SD-WAN

cloudDNA Co-founder Al Taylor shares all the hot NetScaler news and announcements from Citrix Summit 2017, the annual partner conference held in January.  Featuring NetScaler ADC, NetScaler SD-WAN and NetScaler Management and Analytics System (N-MAS), this webinar will help you get up to date with the latest product developments and (NDAs permitting). 

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about Al Taylor

cloudDNA Co-founder Al Taylor is a self confessed lover of all things Citrix Cloud Networking! Al has over a decade of experience in real world Citrix ADC & SD-WAN deployments and has directly helped organisations of all sizes deliver new levels of service to millions of users worldwide.

A technical evangelist, blogger and presenter, Al holds the highest levels of technical certification for Citrix ADC & SD-WAN, he's Networking for Data Centres Specialist practicum certified and a member of the global elite Citrix Partner Technical Expert Council. Follow on Twitter @NetScalerTaylor