In an effort to assist with the financial implications of scaling remote working solutions for Covid19 responses, Citrix has announced new Business Continuity licensing packages for core products including Virtual Apps and Desktops (formally XenApp/Desktop) and the ADC platforms (formally NetScaler). 

Virtual Apps & Desktops Business Continuity licence packages are based on subscription licence models that can be added to existing traditional ‘on-prem’ licences in the same environment. If you normally only provide ‘Citrix’ to a sub set of your total user base but now need to quickly scale to support more of your team working from home then this is for you.

Great news but we need to move swiftly as we understand (at the time of writing) that the offers have only been authorised until the end of March… 

We’re expecting clarity on the Citrix ADC BAU scale and resilience commercial sweeteners shortly and will update this post when we have confirmation. 

As a Citrix Specialist, cloudDNA is currently offering free guidance in the following areas: 
  • Citrix Business Continuity Programme – Special offer details, licence & pricing.
  • Citrix Networking  – ADC scale and resilience.
  • Security and Resiliency – VPN, security policies & remote access.
  • Citrix Technical Readiness Review – End to end readiness and capacity planning.
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