cloudDNA SD-WAN Home Worker

For Your Home Workers

For just £1 per hour per home worker*

cloudDNA SD-WAN Home is the plug and play deployment solution from cloudDNA. It is the simplest, fastest and most cost-effective way to securely connect home workers to data centres, public and private clouds, SaaS, and Web Gateways.

cloudDNA SD-WAN Home provides:

Improved productivity
with home workers no longer frustrated about poor video and voice quality, service freezes and dropouts.

Enterprise level security
even when working from home with the unknown vulnerabilities of connecting to home networks.

Corporate compliance
with a solution that provides full visibility in to user behaviour for simplified compliancy and staff productivity management.

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What does cloudDNA SD-WAN Home fix?

This solution is appropriate for all organisations that want to ensure continued levels of security and compliance are adhered to, as well as for those businesses that are suffering from reduced worker productivity due to:

Poor Video Quality

Service Freeze & Drop Out

User Frustration

Poor Worker Productivity

Lost Revenue

Lost Customers

Why cloudDNA?

Straight forward pricing

Our subscription based, fully managed cloudDNA SD-WAN Home service has a low upfront commitment from just £449, and monthly billing from as little as £149 per month for a typical home worker.

Fast set up

From unboxing to online in as little as an hour with super simple plug and play deployment. It’s as easy as plugging in a new home broadband router so no need to send an engineer to site and no specialist skillset required.

More time for you

24/7 fully managed support from the specialists who were the first in the UK to achieve the 2021 Citrix Networking Specialist accreditation means you are freed up to concentrate on the bigger projects.

An easier decision

With no long-term commitment, just a 3-month minimum term, you can put us to the test for 3 months for as little as £896 per user.

What Are The Benefits?

We’ve highlighted some of the key benefits below.

Improved User Experience

Increased Stability

Improved Productivity

Better Voice & Video Quality

Enterprise Grade Security

Detailed Visibility To Cover Compliancy

Prioritisation Of Apps & Services

Isolated Corporate Traffic

Cost Effective, Corporate Grade Home Worker Connectivity

What Is The Return On Investment?

With the average home worker losing 30 minutes of productivity per day due to poor connectivity, plus the very real threat of unpatched home devices becoming an attack surface for the corporate network, SD-WAN has always made technical sense. With a fully managed home worker solution now available from just £1 per hour, the business cases stacks up now too.

Some of our clients

University Hospital Coventry and Warwickshire
Tindall Riley
Markerstudy Group
Midland Heart

SD-WAN productivity, security and visibility.

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