Essential Guide to NetScaler Live!

Thursday 2nd November 2017 at 09.30 - 14.00 - Citrix Executive Briefing Centre, Paddington, London

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Essential Guide to NetScaler Live!

6 key reasons to use Citrix NetScaler

Thursday 2nd November 2017 09.30 - 14.00 Citrix Executive Briefing Centre, Paddington, London FREE (Registration required)

Overcoming the challenges around secure digital workspace delivery could involve several vendors, each with a standalone solution that solves one part of the puzzle. Things like SSO to VDI, web and SaaS apps, protecting services and users from threats, delivering great experiences to remote and branch users and having visibility to manage it all.

In this live session, we'll be discussing the full NetScaler portfolio from the top down. From superior app delivery control to advanced security and highly detailed user experience measurement, we'll look at how each individual NetScaler product offers value in its own right but combined, the sum of the parts is far beyond any other vendor offering on the market today. Seriously.

As with all cloudDNA live sessions it'll be informal and interactive and we'll be covering the business and technical perspectives so we think you'll come away with some great ideas to help you deliver your digital workspace. It's also our 5th birthday to the day so expect cake! 

We hope you can join us.

In this session, we will be discussing...

  • How to build a stable foundation for your digital workspace with NetScaler Application Delivery Controller.
  • How NetScaler WebApp Firewall provides a high performance, cost effective mechanism to protect services from malicious attack and helps prevent data loss.
  • How NetScaler Unified Gateway provides a simplified single point of access for VDI, web and SaaS apps.
  • How NetScaler SD-WAN reduces branch complexity and cost while delivering an unrivalled user experience.
  • How the recently introduced NetScaler Secure Web Gateway protects your network and your users from encrypted web threats. (This is really cool!)
  • How NetScaler Management and Analytics System provides detailed user experience and security posture metrics to help manage significantly reduces management overheads.
  • How all of the above combine to deliver a secure digital workspace that users love.
  • Stacks of case notes and real world use cases.
  • The answers to your NetScaler questions.


09.30 - Registration & refreshments

10.00 - Welcome

10.15 - Keynote - The Citrix position & roadmap - Mark Hardy

10.45 - Core NetScaler ADC, Unified Gateway & AppFirewall updates

11.30 - Break

11.45 - NetScaler SD-WAN in the real world

12.15 - Introducing NetScaler Secure Web Gateway - protecting users against encrypted attack

12.30 - NetScaler Management and Analytics demo (This is also really cool!)

13.00 - Lunch, prize draw & close

Please note, this session is not open to Citrix partners or their representatives, it's for the end user community only.

  • Feedback from previous events

    "There's only so much information you can find by watching videos and reading blog posts. Having the chance to hear about new features, see live demos and get the answers to my questions has been a really good use of my time" - Chris

  • Feedback from previous events

    "We've only been using our NetScaler to front XenApp but there's so much more we could be doing with it. Informative, interesting and genuinely useful. Thanks for the invite." - Mo

  • Feedback from previous events

    "I've spent half of the morning thinking 'I didn't know NetScaler could do that!" Martin

  • Feedback from previous events

    "It was extremely informative and good fun at the same time. Thanks for answering all my questions. I’d love to attend any future events." Nathan

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Thursday 2nd November 2017 09.30 - 14.00 Citrix Executive Briefing Centre, Paddington, London FREE (Registration required)

Al Taylor - cloudDNA Co-Founder

With over a decade of experience in real world NetScaler deployments, Al has directly helped organisations of all sizes deliver new levels of service to millions of users worldwide. A technical evangelist, blogger and presenter, Al packs his sessions with relevant information and use cases, all delivered with his infectious passion for technology.

Mark Hardy - Citrix Director Northern Europe, Cloud Networking Group

We're delighted that Mark will be able to join us for a keynote session to bring us up to speed with the Citrix vision for Cloud Networking.

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