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cloudDNA sustainability beyond EarthDay


Sustainability has been a key factor in many of the choices made by cloudDNA throughout our history. Cloud is in our DNA as we made the decision to go cloud only for our entire service delivery model from day one, to our paperless office and our directors driving hybrid cars.

Today, on EarthDay 2022, we’re officially announcing the closure of our HQ building in Bourne End, Buckinghamshire, to further reduce our impact on planet Earth. 

Jo Wright

Jo Wright, Co-founder & CEO


“We all have a responsibility to recognise our own effect on Earth and our bricks and mortar office space was by far the biggest contributor to our carbon footprint.” Jo Wright, Co-founder & CEO explained. “There’s a lot of industry talk about sustainability but we can all go further with our actions. Our decision to close the office has no impact on our ability to perform as a team but takes us a huge step forward in our commitment to the future of our planet.”


We’ve loved welcoming customers and partners to our office by the River Thames over the years but the energy consumption of the building combined with the carbon footprint of team members getting to and from the location seemed ludicrous when considered with what we do as an organisation. The days of a fixed office location are over….we can work from anywhere right?

As a digital service delivery and security specialist, we’ve always had remote working tools available to us, enabling us to spread our talent pool beyond the physical boundaries of an acceptable day to day commute enabling us to build the amazing team we have today.  Our team is based across the UK so we’re fortunate to be able to function perfectly well without a dedicated building. Bye Bye Unit L Bourne End Business Park.


End of an era as the sign comes down at cloudDNA HQ