Purpose Built for Zero Trust

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What does iboss do?

A single Unified Global Zero Trust Edge that ensures consistent visibility and protection for all users on all devices, everywhere. Simple, scalable security.

iboss Zero Trust Edge

A dynamic, risk based security solution stack that enables productive workflows for all user access scenarios.

iboss makes all resources private

Correctly implemented as part of a Zero Trust architecture, iboss makes all resources, including publicly visable SaaS, locked down and private.

iboss ZTNA

Adaptive access based on trust algorithms

Criteria score-based algorithms make adaptive and intelligent decisions when granting or denying access to protected resources for NIST 800-207 ZTNA principles compliance.

Why cloudDNA for iboss?

World class professional services, in house expertise.


Our specialism

We specialise in a niche vendor portfolio, with innovative, high value solutions that are super relevant in today’s hybrid service delivery models.

We're an iboss Platinum Partner

One of only a handful in the whole of EMEA. Our product knowledge and professional service capability earned us Platinum Partner accreditation in January 2023.

Our iboss practice

From initial enquiry to evaluation, deployment, support and managed services. Our iboss practice can provide end to end project support

Our experience

We've already delivered iboss for thousands of users all over the world through our own in house professional services team. We really know iboss.

We're ISO27001 accredited

We understand the risk associated with your service delivery and take your data seriously.

We're as sustainable as we can be

We closed our UK head office and became a completely remote company, saving thousands of Kg of CO2.

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