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NetScaler Console service FAQs

NetScaler Console service is the new name for NetScaler Application Delivery Manager (ADM) service. We’ve put together this comprehensive list of NetScaler Console services FAQs to answer the most common questions we get asked.

If you don’t see what you’re looking for, get in touch and we can give you a straight answer to your question. We’re always happy to talk about NetScaler.

What is the NetScaler Console service?

NetScaler ADM service is now rebranded to NetScaler Console service. It is a web-based management, monitoring and troubleshooting tool for all your NetScaler deployments. This includes all variants of NetScaler (VPX, SDX, MPX, CPX and BLX) whether on premises or in the cloud.

The on-premises version is called NetScaler Application Delivery Manager (ADM) (note no “service”) and is available to download. 

  • NetScaler Console service – cloud/web based
  • NetScaler ADM – on-premises

What are the benefits of NetScaler Console service?

NetScaler Console service provides a single web-based console where you manage, monitor, report and troubleshoot your whole NetScaler estate. It can be used for a single NetScaler on a single site, or for multiple NetScalers across multi-sites, across multiple cloud services or in a hybrid environment.

It gives insights into NetScaler’s application health, performance and security and is easy to operate and update. It allows you to take advantage of new features and combined with automated updates can quickly enhance your NetScaler estate.

The NetScaler Console gathers real time data to give you a full picture of your NetScaler internet traffic and health.

How does NetScaler Console service work?

NetScaler Console service is a web-based service which is available when you sign up for a Citrix Cloud Account. Once initiated, the service communicates with agents built into the NetScaler or installed within your environment. The agents collect data from the managed instances and  sends it to the NetScaler Console service.

How is NetScaler Console licenced?

NetScaler Console Express is the default account assigned when first you log into the NetScaler Console service and is used to manage NetScaler resources. The management is limited to two virtual servers in the NetScaler Console service, however, it does allow you to monitor all the discovered NetScalers.

Upgrading to the Advanced Account gives you unlimited options to manage, monitor, analyse, orchestrate, automate and troubleshoot your NetScaler instances.

You can compare the differences of the Express Account and the Advanced Accounts in the product documentation.

What is NetScaler Console Security advisory?

NetScaler Console identifies common vulnerabilities and exposures (CVE’s) announcements within your managed NetScaler environments and offers remediation guidance.

NetScaler Console service also finds changes or additions made to NetScaler build files.

See full details in the product documentation.

What is NetScaler Console upgrade advisory?

NetScaler Console service checks for end-of-life (EoL) advisories of NetScaler firmware releases. It highlights the managed instances within the NetScaler Console Service that are due to go EoL, giving you time to put plans to upgrade in place. Find further details in the product documentation.

What are the system requirements for NetScaler Console service?

Before starting with the NetScaler Console service, you need to be aware of the requirements such as supported browsers, network TCP & UDP ports, licence information and limitations.

All the system requirements information can be found in the product documentation.

What are the NetScaler Console service features?

This is a summary of the NetScaler Console service features.

  • Application analytics and management
  • Use stylebooks configuration templates to create and manage NetScalers
  • Certificate management
  • Centralised licence manager
  • Configuration auditor to monitor and identify configuration anomalies
  • Analytics review NetScaler instance data to help improve application performance

More feature and solution details can be found in the product documentation.

Where can I find NetScaler Console service user guides and documentation?

All the NetScaler Console service user guides and product documentation is available here.

Can I get a NetScaler Console service demonstration?

Yes, contact us on and we’ll be happy to give you a NetScaler Console service demonstration.