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Essential Guide: Maximising the value of NetScaler in Citrix Universal HMC

The recent changes to Citrix product packaging have delivered a huge value add, with the inclusion of eligibility to run an unlimited number of NetScaler instances available to organisations adopting the new Citrix Universal HMC licence subscriptions.

The truth is, despite being the most advanced delivery controller on the market, many organisations only use NetScaler to deliver ‘Citrix’ or a couple of services and never really unlock its potential. As a result, there’s a danger that many organisations will either miss out on the potential benefits, or waste precious budget on 3rd party licence or support subscriptions to purchase functionality that NetScaler already has included.

Our next Essential Guide webinar is going to be packed with ideas around how to unlock the true value of NetScaler entitlement in Citrix Universal HMC. We’ll be focusing beyond the traditional Gateway use case, discussing how to use the innovation packed in NetScaler to improve UX, security posture and service visibility – for all digital services, delivered to all devices, everywhere.

Hosted by our Co-founder & CTO Al Taylor, with guests from NetScaler, this one hour knowledge share will make you think about hybrid cloud service delivery in a completely different way.

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Recorded April 2024

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We’ll be sharing the common topics from our conversations with organisations across the UK including; 

  • 10 ways to get more value from NetScaler beyond the obvious ‘Gateway in front of Citrix’ deployment.
  • How NetScaler’s common code base solves the biggest problems with hybrid cloud service delivery.
  • Useful things to know when migrating to NetScaler from f5, VMWare NSX, Fortinet, Kemp or any other ADC/LB solution.
  • The innovative ways cloudDNA customers are using NetScaler in the real world.

Plus you’ll have the opportunity to have your questions answered by our panel of experts with our Essential Guide closing Q&A. 

Our speakers

Al Taylor

Co-founder & CTO - cloudDNA

Andrew Scott

Principal Technology Strategist Europe - CSG