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NetScaler Intelligent Traffic Management

Modern digital enterprises rely on applications for employee and customer engagement. Poor application response time results in lower productivity and diminished customer experience. Despite all your application deployment efforts, user experience can all fall apart because of a lack of control over the state of the internet. Getting users to your content fast is crucial for your business. Traditional Global Server Load Balancing is good, but it’s not good enough.

NetScaler Intelligent Traffic Management (ITM) collates 10B data points a day from 1B users across 50k network to build a virtual, real-time, map of internet state. It uses this data to ensure users will always get the best experience when accessing your content.

If milliseconds matter in your web delivered SLAs, ITM is just about to become your new secret weapon.

During this session, we’ll be joined by guests from NetScaler to discuss

  • The limitations of GSLB and the reasons why NetScaler ITM is superior.
  • What ITM does and the benefits it provides.
  • Openmix, the powerful programmable decision engine at the heart of ITM.
  • The level of visibility that ITM provides SLA holders.
  • Some of the cool ways ITM is being used to enhance UX today.

Plus you’ll have the opportunity to have your questions answered by our panel of experts with our Essential Guide closing Q&A. 

Meet Our Experts:

Al Taylor

Co-founder & CTO


Jason Poole

Director Product Marketing